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We specialize in killer-everything, so you’ve come to the
right place. Designing experiential events + spaces that
put your competitors to shame is one of our favorite
things to do! #takethat


Jesi Haack / co-founder

Out-of-the-box creative, she is the one dreaming up custom designs + installations that haven’t been done before. She brings your brand to life in insane ways. She is responsible for the ridiculous amount of social media tags you’re about to receive. You’re welcome. jesi is the owner + designer of jesi haack design.


hallie slade / co-founder

The organizational nerd that keeps these two artists in line. Logistics are her speciality. She lives + breathes spacial planning, rental orders, timeline perfection, curated vendor teams + budgets, budgets, budgets. Your event becomes the back of her hand. hallie is the owner + principal of lb event planning and design.