We specialize in killer-everything, so you’ve come to the
right place. Designing experiential events + spaces that
put your competitors to shame is one of our favorite
things to do! #takethat


Jesi Haack / Art Director

Out-of-the-box creative, she is the one dreaming up custom designs + installations that haven’t been done before. She brings your brand to life in insane ways. She is responsible for the ridiculous amount of social media tags you’re about to receive. You’re welcome. jesi is the owner + designer of jesi haack design.

hallie slade / Production Director

The organizational nerd that keeps these two artists in line. Logistics are her speciality. She lives + breathes spacial planning, rental orders, timeline perfection, curated vendor teams + budgets, budgets, budgets. Your event becomes the back of her hand. hallie is the owner + principal of lb event planning and design.


kiersten rooney / Production Manager

Look no further - Kiersten is here to help execute your event to perfection. Curating lounge vignettes is her passion + social media is her forte. Kiersten believes success comes from hard work + constant communication with her clients. Whether the event is for 40 or 4,000, Kiersten will remain cool, calm and collected when dealing with vendors, during load-in + strike, + always double checking the timeline to ensure no detail is missed.  

sophie melsh / Lead designer

Sophie is one of our design leads, and creativity just flows in her veins. She loves making the craziest dream ideas come to life. Her knack to see things in a different light, helps her think outside the box and gives everything she works on some edge. She loves working with people and executing there craziest dream installations! Telling stories through social media is also a forte of hers, and she truly enjoys it! When she’s not doing something creative, you’ll probably find her somewhere near the ocean! 


emily bruza / Production Manager

Pop of color and checklist enthusiast (who doesn't love crossing things off?!?) She has loved to style, design and create since forever, but found her true passion in event planning as a unconventional thinker, she finds inspiration in nature, fashion, and travel. When she's not color coding with gel pens Emily likes to bake, curl up with a good book and spend time laughing with family and friends! 

JENNI DAVID / Lead designer

Jenni falls on the design side as one of our lead designers, but has a secret love for planning and order in events! Her positivity and joy always shines through in whatever she is working on. She's not afraid to get her hands dirty and enjoys some heavy lifting to keep the job interesting.  She'll forever be a Slaacker! 


KATE RUSSELL / Production Manager

Jennifer Ebert / Graphic Designer

The one who brings to life the design + concept through graphics and printed materials. jen thinks big picture, yet is an expert at refining the details. she makes sure your brand cohesively comes to life throughout all the graphic elements. jen is the owner + creative director behind prim & pixie.